The cancer advice service provides an expert oncological (cancer specialist) review of current, modern and best standard therapies that are available for an individual situation.

The advice, given by UK experts from Harley Street and the leading London teaching hospitals, provides anonymous information about diagnosis, treatment and best practice for management of a specific type of cancer. This service costs £350 plus VAT per enquiry (£420), payable by PayPal. You will receive a response within 72 hours.

What information do we need?

The more specific is the information that you give us, the better the quality of the response, but DO NOT NAME the patient or your relationship to him/her.

If you say something like:

“My father has been diagnosed with cancer…”

…..we will not be able to provide a response, because the patient has not remained anonymous and this breaches the General Medical Council guidelines.

We need to know:

  • Symptoms and other relevant medical history: e.g. coughing up blood, tiredness, weight loss, back pain, diabetic, on warfarin for a thrombosis in the past, a parent had lung cancer.
  • Diagnostic tests already performed. Include scans, biopsies, relevant blood tests  etc. Tests and scans that prove negative are as relevant to the cancer expert as those that are abnormal. e.g. chest xray showed a lump on lung, bronchoscopy showed a tumour, whole body scan showed spread to the liver, bone scan showed spread to the back, blood tests normal.
  • Type of cancer: This refers to the exact type of cancer that has been diagnosed  – if this is known – if not, state “not known”. The exact type of tumour would be something like: adenocarcinoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, soft tissue sarcoma or small cell carcinoma.
  • Your question: This needs to be as specific as possible.
    e.g. The doctors have said that there is no cure and that chemotherapy may prolong life for a few months only; they say that radiotherapy to the back may help the pain here; does the expert agree with this assessment and is there any other type of therapy that might help?

What do I do next?

Before entering the information into the online form, we suggest that you think about the above and prepare your responses in a separate document, so that you can cut and paste the information into the online form. Once you believe are prepared, proceed with payment and complete the online applications form.

We can start to help you today