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Toremifene may lower the risk of prostate cancer in men with PIN (prostate intraepithelial neoplasia)

Approximately 9% of all prostate biopsies render e histological changes of PIN - a pre-cancerous condition; on average 60% of those with high grade PIN will progress to cancer by two years (75% by five years). There is consequently great interest in medicine that might forestall such a development. Based on evidence that modulating the oestrogen receptor reduces high grade PIN and cancer development, so a trial was recently conducted and reported describing the use of the selective oestrogen receptor modulator: toremifene in patients with high grade PIN. Amongst 514 men with the disease and randomised to toremifene or not, there was a significant lowering of the incidence of cancer in the treated group, as assessed by repeat biopsies.Toremifene, at 20mg/day, had this beneficial effect without an effect on libido or potency and and there was no gynaecomastia over the one year period of observation.