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Intermittent anti-androgen therapy in metastatic prostate cancer

Many patients with metastatic prostate cancer may be on anti-androgen therapy, with anti-hormone tablets and testosterone lowering injections, for years.
It has recently been researched as to whether it is safe to have periods when the patient can be allowed off anti-androgen therapy. Not only will the patient feel better but sexual potency and his general joie de vie will return under these circumstances. In general, it seems that the patient group for whom such withdrawal of anti-androgen blockade may be permissible is the patient who has achieved an undetectable PSA following anti-androgen therapy and maintained this for a year. The anti-androgen therapy is re-started once the PSA starts to rise again. This policy may indeed be safe but it does flaunt with the old traditional policy of going for high first time control and doing everything to maintain that control.