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Parkside Hospital and Cancer Centre London: private cancer treatment in London

Cancer Centre London

Part of Aspen Healthcare, Parkside Hospital and Cancer Centre London is an international cancer treatment centre offering cancer surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy for all major cancers. They treat amongst other breast, bladder, prostate, lung, gastro-intestinal, skin, gynaecology and brain cancers, and also boasts advanced haemato-oncology services for lymphoma and myeloma cancers. 

Whilst ambulatory care (day case chemotherapy and radiotherapy) takes place at the Centre, any inpatient requirements, including autologous stem cell transplants, are provided for in the adjacent Parkside Hospital. 

Cancer Centre London has a reputation for providing world-class cancer treatment and is associated with some of the most eminent Consultants in their field, many of them with professorships in their respective areas of cancer expertise. The cancer centre has aworld renowned reputation for providing the highest standards of patient care, and has an experienced and knowledgeable clinical team including nurses, pharmacists, oncologists, physicists and radiographers, all able to treat patients using the latest methods and technology.

Cancer Centre London: Clinical team
The chemotherapy team at Cancer Centre London: Part of Aspen Healthcare


Patients can receive chemotherapy treatment either at the Cancer Centre or the adjacent Parkside Hospital, where the inpatientfacilities are modern, clean and comfortable. Cancer Centre London and Parkside hospital are both part of Aspen Healthcare, which prides itself on patients always receiving high standards of quality care. The Cancer Centre also has a specially designed pharmacy aseptic suite to support chemotherapy care and ensure patients receive individual care plans.



Cancer Centre London has a high-tech Radiotherapy suite, starting with a full CT scan for patients to ensure cancers are targeted with high degrees of accuracy. The radiotherapy service provided includes complex IMRT and IGRT. 

The Cancer Centre is also proud to be the first London facility to offer advanced radiotherapy delivered by the Elekta Versa HD™ linear accelerator, which will come into service summer 2014. This technology has unique advantages and also reduces treatment times for patients. Versa HD offers advanced radiotherapy techniques that enable high precision treatment in managing a range of cancers in the head and neck, lung, breast and prostate. It has the ability to continually reshape the radiation beam to the fine contours of the tumour so a higher dose of radiation can be delivered. The machine was designed in collaboration with clinicians, so it is fine-tuned to the patient’s needs. 

Aspen Healthcare CEO, Des Shiels, says: “Cancer Centre London (part of Aspen Healthcare) is delighted to announce a major investment in its radiotherapy service provision as part of its commitment to delivering the highest standards of care to its patients. Cancer Centre London will be the first oncology provider in London to have Elekta’s Versa HD linear accelerator. The Versa HD linear accelerator is at the cutting edge of the most recent technology in the provision of radiotherapy, and will ensure the Centre retains its position as both a pioneer and market leader.” 


Why choose Cancer Centre London and Parkside Hospital?

Treatment at Aspen Healthcare's Cancer Centre London and Parkside Hospital means patients can receive their care at a highly stressful time in the calm and peaceful surroundings of Wimbledon Common in South West London. The entire clinical team understands the needs of cancer patients and aims to offer support and great advice along the course of patient journey. The facility takes a holistic view on healthcare and can offer specialist therapies such as counselling, physiotherapy, diet, nutrition advice and complementary therapies such as aromatherapy and reflexology. There are also specialist nurses in place for patients with specific requirements, such as our Breast Care Nurse specialists. 

The facilities also offer an award-winning MacMillan approved Information Centre, 

The facilities of specialist one-stop shop diagnostic services for areas such as breast and prostate cancers, with surgeons and oncologists offering joint outpatient clinics with access to immediate imaging to guide rapid diagnosis. 

Cancer Centre London
The Cancer Centre London is based close to picturesque Wimbledon Common, South West London

Cancer treatments available

Patients are offered a personalised treatment plan from a dedicated specialist Consultant and care team, capable of treatment all types of cancer. Three types of treatment are offered.

  • Chemotherapy, including hormone therapy, immunotherapy and cancer growth inhibitors
  • Radiotherapy
  • Cancer surgery



The types of cancers treated include: 

  • Breast cancer
  • Bladder and prostate cancer
  • Gastro-intestinal and colorectal cancer
  • Lung cancer
  • Brain cancer
  • Skin cancer
  • Gynaecological cancer including cervical and ovarian cancer
  • Bone cancer or sarcoma
  • Haematological (blood) cancer including myeloma and lymphoma



Inpatient facilities

Inpatient facilities are provided at Parkside Hospital which has a dedicated inpatient oncology ward, providing continuity of care for all oncology patients, medical and surgical. 

Services offered at Parkside Hospital

  • All surgical services
  • Stem cell and bone marrow transplants (autologous)
  • Inpatient chemotherapy infusions together with breast care nurse support
  • Specialist support services such as manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) specialists (for breast cancer treatment)
  • Palliative care


Outpatient Facilities

The centre also caters for outpatient appointments with a host of specialist Consultants.

Aspen Healthcare also provides cancer treatments in North London at Holly House Hospital and post-oncological breast reconstruction surgery at  Highgate Private Hospital.

Cancer Centre London

49 Parkside
SW19 5NB

Parkside Hospital

53 Parkside
SW19 5NX  

Enquiries: info@cancercentrelondon.co.uk or info@parksidehospital.co.uk 

Websites: www.cancercentrelondon.co.uk or www.parkside-hospital.co.uk 



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