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Sperm banking 'not being offered'


A recent study has suggested that men who are undergoing cancer treatment are not always being offered the option to bank their sperm.

Despite the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence advising doctors to offer men the opportunity, the research revealed that 21 per cent of clinicians were unaware of local policies on sperm banking.

As a result, many failed to pass on advice to patients, with just 26 per cent of oncologists and 38 per cent of haematologists claiming to have discussed the issue with their male cancer patients.

The research was funded by Cancer Research UK and conducted by researchers at the University of Warwick and University Hospitals Coventry.

Dr Ann Adams, study author from Warwick Medical School, commented: "Our findings are very concerning and show that doctors in the UK aren't following sperm banking guidance, meaning many men are missing the opportunity to store their sperm for the future.

"Instead it appears that clinicians are deciding who is offered the chance to bank sperm based on their own personal beliefs, attitudes and assumptions about their patients' likelihood of starting a family in the future."

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Cancer treatment news : 31 October 2010


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