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Men need cancer appointments quicker

Orchid Cancer Appeal

It should be easier for men who are worried about cancer to see a medical professional.

Chief executive of Orchid Rebecca Porta said that cancer treatment is most effective if the disease is diagnosed early and a combination of male hesitancy and lax medical practises were preventing this from occurring in many cases.

"Men often tell us that it has taken a long time to pluck up the courage to go and see the GP," she stated.

Often that decision can take weeks in itself, so it is vital that a GP can see them straight away, but some men find that they then find it difficult to get an appointment at all, explained Ms Porta.

She also believes that greater awareness about prostate and testicular cancer could help to save lives.

If men were to be more open about the disease and self check in a similar way to which women do for breast cancer, earlier treatment may be possible in some cases.

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Cancer treatment news : 29 April 2012


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