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New diagnostic tool to aid prostate cancer treatment

University of Central Florida NanoScience Technology Center

Scientists believe they may be able to improve future prostate cancer treatment by using a new test to diagnose the condition more accurately.

A team of researchers at the University of Central Florida NanoScience Technology Center developed a the technique using gold nanoparticles, which can not only detect the presence of a tumour, but also how aggressive it is.

Lead investigator Qun Huo exlained that this will give doctors crucial information and allow them to prescribe a specific course of treatment for their patients.

She explained that the system is very versatile and is now being used around the world to help scientists detect the presence of other types of cancer.

In this case, the nanoparticles highlight the presence of a reaction between prostate tumours and human immunoglobulin.

According to Cancer Research UK, prostate cancer accounts for around a quarter of all tumours in British males.

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Cancer treatment news : 28 April 2012


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