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Nearly half of cancer survivors die from other conditions

Virginia Commonwealth University

Huge advancements in treatment and care in recent years mean that now nearly half of all cancer survivors die from other conditions instead.

Many people who have had successful cancer treatment fear the news that their tumours have returned, but a new report from researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University suggests survivors would benefit from a more comprehensive and less cancer-focused remission care.

"Cancer survivors live much longer than they did several decades ago. So with this large group of cancer survivors, we need to pay more attention to cancer survivors' overall health," said Va Ning, who presented the results to the American Association for Cancer Research.

The scientists evaluated 1,807 patients over a period of 18 years and during the course of the study 776 people died, with 51 per cent succumbing to returning tumours.

Cardiovascular disease was shown to be the primary cause of all non-cancer related deaths during the period.

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Cancer treatment news : 4 April 2012


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